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Did you know a good Manicure increases circulation to the hands, meaning a better skin tone and a more youthful appearance, and it doesn’t stop there.  A Manicure which is done professionally by a Qualified Therapist will make your nails stronger and help them grow longer.  Whether you want a Gel Polish to add a touch of glamour, an Après Gel Extensions or Gel Nail Extensions for long bespoke nails, or suffer from short, weak, brittle nails and wanting to promote growth and strengthening of your natural nails we have got you covered.  With 100’s of colours & glitters to choose from you shall never be stuck for choice.  Remember we only use the BEST Brands for our clients which are highly pigmented and includes HEMA FREE Products and VEGAN CRUELTY-FREE.

Hand care is self-care too!!!! You look after your face, so why don’t you look after your hands in the same way?  With our Mani In A Box we shall create that Spa experience from that moment you take a seat by exfoliating your hands with a sugar scrub removing the dead skin. Hydrating with a mud mask & heated mitts to cleanse the pores. Nourish with a massage butter, to soothe & hydrate for maximum moisturisation, leaving your tired dry hands feeling pampered & silky soft.  Each manicure is tailor made for you upon initial consultation whether that be Lavender to Relieve, Vitamin Recharge, Green Tea Detox, or just a scent of your choice.  It doesn’t stop there you will be pleased to know that all ingredients are VEGAN-FREE & contains a significant amounts of natural oils, minerals & antioxidants to help repair & maintain soft skin.

Discover our range of 100% gel formula streak free, full coverage Gel Polishes.  With over 100 highly pigmented colours, the only problem is going to be choosing that colour.  We do not use hybrid polishes so you can be sure of your nails lasting.  You will be glad to know all our Gel Polishes are VEGAN-FREE.  We also offer a HEMA FREE range if you suffer from sensitive skin or have experienced allergic reactions in the past when having this treatment.  We recommend a professional removal between 3-4 weeks depending upon nail growth.

Naturabuild Overlay promotes strength which allows the natural nails ability to grow and is the way forward for those who really struggle with brittle, weak nails that just don’t stand the chance when a split appears.  The Builder Gel comes in neutral shades including clear, this allows you to be able to wear the base as a natural overlay or underneath a gel colour of your choice.  Naturabuild has increased flexibility, meaning your nails are less likely to snap at a healthy length compared to other nail systems, it can also be added over a short tip extension.  We recommend an infill every 3-4 weeks or to be professionally removed.

Are you stuck for time & seeking a nail extension that is quick to apply, that can fit your existing nails well and that proves as a permanent & hard-wearing alternative to a traditional Acrylic Extension.  If the answer is Yes, then Après Gel Extensions is the full cover system for you. The tips are made of soft gel, have a great apex, & are available in your desired shape & length. 

Nail Art - Minimal [From]
Glitter / Foils / Stamping / Sugaring / Marble / Dots / Gold Leaf

Nail Art - Detailed [From]
Yin & Yang / Flames / Chequers / Lips / Rose Quarts / Galaxy / Tartan Print / Cable Knit / Lightning Bolt / Flowers / Animal Print / Tie Dye / Swirls / Abstract / Drips Cherries / Moons / Clouds / Butterflies / Designer Print / Snakes / Lines / Hearts / Stars

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