Vitamin Injections

Vitamins boost the immune system, supporting normal growth and development. Vitamin deficiency can cause a number of symptoms, including fatigue, dry skin and hair, depression, poor wound healing, and much more. Vitamin injections are beneficial as they bypass the digestion in the intestines, which results in faster absorption by cells throughout the body. With this in mind the benefits of vitamin injections include improved immunity system, increased energy, improved skin & hair health, improved mental wellbeing & boosted metabolism.

if you have low vitamin C, you may notice that you feel generally unwell with nausea and a poor appetite. Some people with vitamin C deficiency report flu-like symptoms. Deficiency signs are;

•Gingivitis or gum disease
•Loss of teeth
•Skin problems
•Weak immunity
•Shortness of breath
•Corkscrew hairs

Vitamin D deficiency is a common vitamin deficiency that causes issues with your bones and muscles.  This is one of many vitamins your body needs to stay healthy as it plays a crucial role in maintaining the balance of calcium in the blood.  Signs of deficiency are;

•Incorrect growth patterns due to bowed or bent bones.
•Muscle weakness
•Bone pain
•Deformities in joints
•Mood changes

Biotin B7 plays a key role in maintaining the operations of various organs in the body such as the eyes, kidneys and even in pregnancy, besides its major function of uplifting skin, hair and nail health.  Symptoms of deficiency are;

•Mild depression
•Red rash around your eyes and nose
•Hair loss or alopecia
•Bacterial and fungal infections.Loss of body •Control or ataxia

There are eight types of vitamin B. The symptoms of a vitamin B deficiency vary depending on which B vitamin you’re deficient in.The B vitamins each have a unique role in keeping the body healthy. They’re especially important for maintaining cell health and keeping you energized.Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause the following symptoms;

•Tiredness or fatigue
•Loss of appetite
•Weight loss
•Numbness and tingling in the hands and feet
•Balance problems
•Poor memory / brain fog
•Soreness of the mouth or tongue

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